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Chronicle scribe Max Landis officially set to return to sequel

JK but as fans we only want the best...
JK but as fans we only want the best...

Okay, okay, not really, but we can wish... right? Landis will not return to the sequel, but Fox attaches a fresh new writer.

2012’s surprise hit has a sequel on the way. Produced for $12 million, ‘Chronicle’, went forward to gross over $126 million in the box office. The film paved way to a budding career for Dane Dehaan, Alex Russell, and especially Michael B. Jordan. Director and fellow story contributor, Josh Trank, has risen to many producers ‘Top Director” lists. Next up for Trank is ‘The Fantastic Four’ starring Michael B. Jordan.

Screenwriter Max Landis, son of Hollywood legend John Landis, rose to fame from his original idea involving superpowers. He is the main story revolving around the ‘Chronicle’ sequel. Landis had written a screenplay for 20th Century Fox. After much deliberation, the studio opted against his script and story idea. Landis wished to expand and evolve the story and dive deeper into the realm which he originally created. Instead Fox went towards a different story idea.

20th Century Fox brings in a newcomer to the writing scene. Jack Stanley will now work on creating the scenes to be displayed on the big screen.

Without Landis crafting the script, Trank not capturing the action, and questions on the storyline, will Chronicle 2 be as big of a success as the predecessor? Or will is simply be a dud of a sequel? Sound off below in the comment board! Who else believes Landis should have had more control and created the sequel he saw fit for the series he created?

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