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Chronicle Books: Up to 30% off purchases

Collage of Chronicle Books by Lia Bures
Collage of Chronicle Books by Lia BuresLia Burres

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My Quotable Kid

Chronicle books has so many things to offer. From personalized lunch boxes, school supplies and reading books of all kinds.

My Quotable Kid is a neat book that is personalized for the little quotes that your children say. You can record the funniest things that they say. If they are around the age that they can write, have them to put their thoughts of any kind in on their own.

The cover is a hard back book and comes with their names personalized on the front. The dates can be filled in as they find things to quote about.

One Line a Day

One Line a Day is great for either them or an adult. You can record short thoughts throughout the book. It also comes with a hard back and personalized on the front. These can also be used for things that you need to complete over a course of three years. You choose the date that you want the book to start so that you can begin when it arrives and you don't miss any dates.

The book contains areas for you to fill in for three times a day. You can set things that you need to do, want to do, budgets and other things.

It's also great for writing down things that your child does throughout the first three years of their lives, or the next three years after you obtain the book.

No matter what the use is that you find for these books, they are great ways to preserve for futures to come. Of course it has to be taken care of.

You can also use it for writing down generations and creating a family tree for many centuries ago until now. Then allow your children and so forth to fill in the blanks so that it will be passed down for many generations!


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