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Chronic pain, starve the beast with hertb Corydalis

Chronic pain management
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Also known as Chinese Poppy of Yan Hu Sou, as used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a blood purifier and tonic. The herb corydalis just may end up replacing the use of hydrocodone for chronic pain relief. Chronic pain is persistent pain that is ongoing or recurrent for three to six months or more, resulting from disease or an injury. It is a pain that continues even though it should not.

Corydalis-Natural pain relief the wise way

How does it work? The natural pain reliever binds dopamine with the pain centers of the brain to apply chronic pain relief by blocking the pain signals. The cycle of pain can be hard to break and problematic. Research scientists are giving this herb a boost in reputation.

Particularly good for for back pain, migraines and menstrual cramping

Classic medications for chronic pain and its management are opioids, along with relaxation techniques, stretching and some activity, including positive self-talk and thinking. Corydalis does not cause dependence, and it is not addictive. This is good to know if you are concerned about long term use of prescription medications.

Just 3-9 grams of corydalis, in the granulated form, mixed in warm water, is fast acting. There is no need to wait for a pill to dissolve and go into your digestive system and then assimilate it for introduction into the blood stream.

Populations to avoid the use of corydalis, pregnant and Cardiac Arrhythmia

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