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Canine Kidney Infections - Treatment

Dog beats kidney infections with holistic medicine

Holistic Medicine:

The animal described below has experienced the value of integrative and holistic veterinary care. Act now to make a difference!

Thank you to the AHVM Foundation, for providing brilliant veterinarians the platform to utilize the knowledge and expertise collected, and to support their integrative endeavours to strive for better treatments for our beloved family members. There is nothing more worthy of our support.

Shelby the Dog (Kidney infections) (letter form guardian)

Integrative medicine has been a life-sustaining blessing for Shelby.

As a result of scarring from several bouts with kidneys stones, Shelby’s kidneys became an ideal environment for infections. She has had countless E. Coli infections.

When treated with conventional medicine, the infections would disappear… only to return just a few months later.

Since being treated with integrative medicine, the amount of time Shelby is infection free has increased dramatically. She experiences many months without infection, thus improving her quality of life.

Nutritional supplements have given her immune system the additional support it needs to combat most of these infections. When she does get another infection, antibiotics are able to clear it from her system. And, because Shelby does not need to take antibiotics frequently, they are still effective when they are prescribed for her.

Integrative medicine has been the perfect mix of traditional and alternative therapies which has allowed Shelby to have a good quality of life.

At this writing, through integrative medicine and God’s grace, Shelby has just celebrated her fourteenth birthday!

This is just one of the amazing stories in the world of utilizing “holistic medicine” for quality of life

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The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation (AHVMF) is a group of dedicated integrative veterinarians who are pioneers in the advancement of complementary and alternative veterinary medicine (CAVM). They are the only organization supporting education, scholarships, and research and integrative holistic veterinary medicine.

We ask you to make a donation as little as $12 for the year which equals just $1 dollar a month, of course any donation would be appreciated. We want this work to be continued as it will change “health” possibilities as we know it.

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