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Chronic Fatigue? You may need to recharge your adrenal batteries

Fatigue may be a symptom of adrenal exhaustion
Fatigue may be a symptom of adrenal exhaustion

Do you feel tired, worn out and just plain zapped? It could be that your batteries need recharging. What? You didn't know you had batteries. Yes, you do, they are the two little adrenal glands which sit on top of your kidneys.

Are you suffering from any of the following symptoms:

  • great fatigue,
  • weakness,
  • lethargy,
  • low blood pressure,
  • severe reactions to odors or certain foods,
  • recurring yeast infections,
  • heart palpitations or panic attacks,
  • clammy hands and soles of feet,
  • poor memory,
  • chronic low back pain,
  • moodiness,
  • dry skin,
  • poor memory,
  • poor circulation,
  • hypoglycemia or diabetes,
  • poor immune system,
  • cravings for sugar and salt,
  • brittle nails,
  • a feeling of being "driven" and anxiousness.

Your adrenals are made of two parts: the cortex which is responsible for cortisone production, and the medulla, which secrets adrenaline.

The cortex helps to maintain body balance, regulates sugar and carbohydrate metabolism and produces certain sex hormones. The medulla's job is to produce epinephrine also known as adrenaline and norepinephrine to speed up metabolism in order to cope with stress. When you are under stress, the adrenal glands increase your metabolism to ward off the negative effects.

Adrenal gland function is weakened by consuming too much caffeine and sugar, by vitamin deficiencies and long term cortico-steroid use and of course, by too much stress! It is extremely important to keep your batteries charged.

Adrenal exhaustion is also common in perimenopausal and menopausal stages of life.

The main lifestyle change needed for improving the condition is rest, rest, and more rest!

Here are four easy steps to help reduce the symptoms of adrenal exhaustion:

1)  Check your battery level with this Adrenal self test. A self test to see how well your adrenals are functioning is to first lie down and rest for five minutes. Then take your blood pressure. Stand up immediately, and take your blood pressure reading once more while standing. If your blood pressure reading is lower after you stand up, you probably have reduced adrenal functions. The lower the blood pressure reading from standing vs resting, the more severe the low adrenal function. The systolic number (the number on the top) is normally about ten points higher when you are standing than when you lie down. A difference of more than ten points should be addressed immediately as it is of extreme importance in the journey back to health.

2) Once you have determined that your adrenal batteries are in need of recharging, the next step is to make some minor lifestyle changes which could make a great improvement. Diet is vitally important when it comes to adrenal health. A diet that is low in sugar and fats and include ample amounts of cold water fish like salmon, legumes like lentils, whole grains and brown rice. Reducing high sodium foods and adding more potassium rich foods like potatoes, bananas and avocados has also shown to be helpful. Other foods to include are almonds, garlic, sunflower seeds and bran.

3) Stress is a key factor in adrenal exhaustion. Using stress reducing techniques will help recharge your batteries. Gentle exercise like a daily walk is highly recommended, over exertion of exercise can actually increase adrenal fatigue. Getting regular massages, incorporating a yoga and meditation practice can take be helpful.

4) Adding a good herbal supplement targeted at improving adrenal function can quickly restore adrenal stress. Adreno•Build™ by Healthy Temple Herbals helps overcome Adrenal Burnout and Rebuild Energy Levels -A natural herbal formula to rebuild, balance, and support the adrenal glands. Improves functions such as memory, mental focus, relieves anxiousness, calms nerves, and helps rejuvenate the nervous system. This formula contains herbs that provide necessary minerals and herbal source vitamins that are rich in adrenal sustaining components, as well as helping to balance the autonomic nervous system. It contains the herbs known for benefiting the adrenal glands, ginkgo leaf, eleuthero root,gotu kola leaf, licorice root, English lavender flower, spearmint leaf, passionflower leaf,and Liquid Trace Minerals.

For women, adrenals over for ovarian function during the perimenopausal and menopausal periods. If your adrenals are strong they can easily take over the slack of lowered hormonal levels. Taking good care of your adrenals now can save much stress down the road.

For more information on AdrenoBuild visit Healthy Temple Herbals.



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