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Chromehounds servers shutdown tomorrow



  • gekko 5 years ago

    Looks like I am the only one that loved Chromehounds. Been in several squads, and loved every battle. The game will be missed.

  • BlackWolF 5 years ago

    So we paid $60 for a game we can not play anymore ... It is a shame I am not educated enough otherwise I would sue Sega ... I paid to play ... Now I can't anymore .... This is ridiculous guys and girls ... I wish someone would sue them and sue them good

  • Why? 5 years ago

    You Sega You why, why , why that was my first game on 360 you stupid, ungrateful , Aarghh Put the server back online. but Till then I will mis you my Super Soldier 339 ( my favorite hound)

  • DarkBolt500 5 years ago

    5000+. That is a lot of game time for one game. Why was I so obsessed with a game that had one of the worst reputations for issues online? Because it was not only a mech game, but REALISTIC, not some giant robot with hands and fingers and a eyes a nose and lips like so many weirdo Japanese games out there. (Gundam...whatEVER...) ALSO, CH had MASSIVE customization, AND the best squad based game play of any 360 game out, including today. It was just incredible fun. And now that SEGA has turned off the server, we are screwed. They want us to buy AC for Answer or AC5 when it comes out? BITE ME SEGA- In September 2010 I will get "Front Mission Evolved" from Square Enix. That game will kick Sega's overgrown POSTERIOR.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    i didn't get into gaming on xbox till after 08 but when i found this game in 2011 i though it was amazing and ive been a moh, cod and halo fan since i got ps2 but ill nvr get to experience it online so f@#k you you no good f*#king b@st3rds and suck my candy cane

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