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Chrome Remote Desktop launches on the Android platform

Chrome Remote Desktop Droid DNA Screenshot
Chrome Remote Desktop Droid DNA Screenshot
Personal screenshot

Since Google wants to be a part of everyone’s lives in any way possible, it’s no surprise that they just released Chrome Remote Desktop for Android. It’s available on the Google Play Store for versions 4.0 and above which isn’t surprising considering that’s the operating system that most Androids run on. Now any laptop or desktop can be accessed from any location with Chrome Remote Desktop.

The installation is quite simple and like most Google applications, there is a step-by-step list of how to install it which can be found here. Once it’s set up and the app is installed on the Android device, which can be found here, a PIN number of at least six digits is created that allows the connection to be verified. Now that it’s all set up, your phone becomes a terminal for your PC that can be accessed anywhere. It doesn’t have to be on the same network which actually gives it value. I was at my school while using 4G LTE and remotely connected to my laptop at home and started a disk defragmentation and sure enough, it completed it just like it was supposed to.

The program is limited right now, but more features will certainly be added in the future. Some people have complained that there is no scrolling feature like a touchpad so Google mostly likely will add that in an update. Chrome Remote Desktop is an exciting, functional feature that can be used by Android phones to remotely control laptops and desktops. IOS phones will be able to use this feature in the near future.