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Chritina Aguilera poses nude while pregnant

Christina Aguilera posed nude while pregnant for sexy V Magazine. Looking beautiful as every pregnant women should, Christina wore her hair very naturally with some wave and a slightly smokey eye makeup accompanied by eyelash extensions. She was also sporting short while natural nails, but the only thing that stood out was her sexy pregnant belly.

Pictures of Christina Aguilera.
Photo by Kevin Winter
Pregnant Chrisitina singing
Photo by Kevin Winter

Women have such a beautiful glow about them when pregnant, and more of us should be more care free like Christina who believes you should embrace your body during pregnancy. Don't be ashamed of it, you are creating a life force and that alone describes the word beauty. Christina Aguilera looks better than ever in her photo's for V Magazine at thirty three years old. As a matter of fact every thirty three year old probably wishes they could strip down nude and do a photo shoot like that. While pregnant too!

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No matter what your age if you're pregnant, slap on some makeup and do your hair so your husband can take some nude pregnancy photo's like Christina. You won't regret it and it will definitely give you and your husband something new to do. Nude photo's don't have to be tasteless either. There are many poses out there that can actually accentuate your body and keep you covered and classy, all at the same time. Pinterest has some great ideas if you need inspiration.