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Christy Mack releases detailed account and photos of War Machine assault

Christy Mack
Christy Mack

MMA fighter Jon Koppenhaver widely known by the name 'War Machine' as he had it legally changed to the alias, is still at large and is on the run from the Las Vegas Police Department. War Machine is wanted on at least seven charges of assault and battery after viciously beating ex-girlfriend Christy Mack. On Monday, after spending the weekend in the hospital Mack released photos of her battered face and body (the linked images are very graphic) along with a detailed account of what War Machine did to her on that Friday at approximately 2:00am.

Mack states that War Machine arrived unannounced to her Las Vegas home, and proceeded to beat Mack's friend who was in the home at the time and forced the friend off the premises. Once the potential witness was gone he turned his attention to Mack herself. Mack revealed that he beat her and forced her to shower naked in front of him.

She makes it very clear that War Machine attempted to rape her but failed to achieve an erection. War Machine has demonstrated a predatory history of taking rape lightly and even took to Twitter last year and posted “Just raped [Christy Mack] She tried to make me wait until “after errands” As if![sic]” followed by another tweet that said “Real men rape. (Their GF's and wives, not strangers, don't get your panties in a bunch.” Both tweets have since been deleted from Twitter but are embedded in several other places all over the internet.

In her account of what happened, Mack said that this is by no means the first time War Machine has beat her, but this is the first time he'd done so much damage. Mack was hospitalized with 18 broken bones around her eye, lost and broken teeth, a broken nose and a ruptured liver. As of Monday she is unable to speak clearly or see with her left eye. War Machine has been arrested for prior assault charges and there is a $10,000 reward for War Machine's capture.