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Christy Mack attack: Dog the Bounty Hunter is close to finding War Machine

According to an Aug. 12 report from MMA Mania, Duane Chapman, known worldwide as Dog the Bounty Hunter, says he's close to finding and arresting War Machine, the former Bellator MMA fighter who allegedly beat up Christy Mack in an attack last week in Las Vegas. Dog the Bounty Hunter claims he's using technology to his advantage in the potential capture of War Machine, as he has taken to social media to find new information on his whereabouts.

Dog the Bounty Hunter is close to finding War Machine, the man who beat up Christy Mack
Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Dog the Bounty Hunter is also keeping an eye on cell phone activity and ATM withdrawals that War Machine might be engaged in. For close to a week, War Machine has eluded Las Vegas police. War Machine says he'll keep running because he believes authorities won't give him a fair shake. Dog the Bounty Hunter, who has a hit show on CMT, decided to step in to find the disgraced MMA fighter. Dog the Bounty Hunter has been tracking down criminals for over 25 years, serving as the most popular bounty hunter in the nation.

Dog the Bounty Hunter has not revealed which state they have tracked War Machine to, but he says he's getting close to making an arrest. Of course, he might just be blowing smoke to hype up his television show. However, Dog the Bounty Hunter has a great success rate. In several years of doing the show, not many criminals have gotten away. He says just one man in eight years of doing the show evaded his capture and arrest.

War Machine, 32, has been on the run from police since an Aug. 8 altercation in Las Vegas that involved three people. Besides War Machine, Mack and one other individual were involved. Mack, a world-renowned actress, was severely beaten during the attack. She sustained multiple non-life threatening injuries, including over a dozen broken bones in her face.

Luckily, Mack is expected to survive and make a full recovery. Mack says War Machine became enraged after coming to her home and finding her with another man. She explained that he started throwing punches without saying a word, and that she was attacked along with her friend. She says she broke up with War Machine in May, even though photos of them together surfaced from Phil Baroni's fight a couple weeks ago.

Bellator MMA released War Machine from his contract upon learning the news of his violent episode. What happens next is anyone's guess. Time will tell how the situation pans out, but the hope is that either police or Dog the Bounty Hunter can bring War Machine to justice. MMA fans will be keeping a close eye on the drama.

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