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Christy Canyon still a star for Vivid

Christy Canyon
Christy Canyon

After more than 30 years and some 120 movies Christy Canyon continues to be one of the most popular performers and well known advocates for the adult movie industry. The legendary Canyon is considered a natural beauty and according to many in the industry and Canyon herself, a “natural” for the business.

“I’m not good at the whole acting part but after my first scene for Cabellero I looked like a scared bunny rabbit but after that, I was indeed a perfect fit,” Canyon said.

While being an adult movie star might be something very few would have the willingness or bravery to try for others it seems to be just an extension of who they are. For some performers there is sort of an addictive personality but for adult film stars their mindset is something different.

“You cannot be too shy, you have to be somewhat an exhibitionist and very, very curious,” Canyon said when asked what type of personality makes for a good adult entertainer.

If performing in your first adult movie wasn’t intimidating enough Canyon found herself in a scene with none other than legendary performer Ron Jeremy. Jeremy is well known for his prowess and his oversized manhood but Canyon was undeterred saying, “I had no idea who he was other that someone I was going to have sex with on camera. I wasn’t intimidated because he was a porn superstar I was quite frankly excited but scared because I was about to have sex with a total stranger and on camera.”

An adult film career seemed to agree with Canyon and she was able to build a rapport with her fans, one that led to her winning a number of industry awards including back-to-back Female Fan Favorite in 1991-1992 and being inducted into three industry Halls of Fame, the AVN, XRCO and Legends of Erotica. Canyon remains humble yet appreciative of being recognized telling me, “All the awards are special to me since they are from different sectors of the business. Industry awards are just as special as fan chosen awards and I am happy and honored about each and every one.”

Though Canyon has starred or performed in over 120 movies there are times when nothing goes well, the performers do not click and everything seems off. “Shooting never got boring for me, every time out was a new experience for me,” Canyon said. “Before doing movies I had only been with one person and in a way it kind of reminded me of Nick East who used to brag about how great a lover he was. When it was time for our scene he couldn’t perform, we just did not gel.”

Historically some of the best directors are usually former performers and a number of people in the business believe that a female director is best suited for bringing out the best in other female performers but that was not the case with Canyon. “I directed once about eight years ago for Paradise Visuals and I was bored silly after about 30 minutes. The male stars had trouble performing and I got bored, directing is just not my thing.”

Canyon is the author of “Lights, Camera, Sex one of the most popular autobiographies across any number of genres. While the book touches on her career in the adult movie industry it is also an intellectual journey into who Christy Canyon is and what has made her into the person she is today. Canyon is a very outspoken, outgoing and business savvy lady who had a number of adventures with he co-stars and friends both on and off the set. “One of my favorite stories is about performing for the first time with another girl and that girl just happened to be Ginger Lynn, how lucky did I get?” Caynon said.

“Writing the book was such a natural thing, I had so many stories stored in my noggin’ for so many years when I began writing while in my writing class, they just spilled out. I would be writing stories that had me laughing out loud, my dogs must have thought I had finally gone bonkers,” Canyon added.

Being in the adult film industry can be tough on relationships and many of the performers usually get involved with or end up getting married to someone in the business. Ron Jeremy’s bookThe Hardest Working Man in Show Business” chronicles a life of a very busy but yet very lonely person who had never been able to maintain a relationship. “I have no issue with a good six week relationship,” Canyon said. “At this point in my life that’s about all I can give before the way they sip their coffee drives me crazy. For me to be with somebody I need a lot of space, don’t be clingy,” she added.

To further add to the difficulty maintaining relationships due to her work in the adult film industry Canyon has been married and divorced three times and is the mother of two adopted children.

For some, at the age of 47, they would be entering the twilight of their career but not Canyon who maintains her own adult themed website of which she says, “Social media has come such a long way, I mean in the 90s you could only contact me via postal mail, at a gentleman’s club or a personal appearance somewhere but now thanks to the internet it is instant contact.”

Canyon has also signed with Vivid Entertainment, the industry leader in celebrity sex tapes, parody films and the company also has a presence on Sirius XM satellite radio and hosts one of the most popular talk shows called simply enough “The Christy Canyon Show.” The show can be heard on VividRadio, via the SiriusXM app and on SiriusXM radio on channel 791.

“My daily Vivid radio show varies from day-to-day and there is no rhyme or reason to it except it all revolves around sex. The topic could be a sex game, a sensitive topic, giving personal items away, guests in the business and more. It is all about sex in a million different forms,” Canyon explained.

With Vivid being the industry leader they continue to set to standards which others have tried to follow, copy or expand upon with little to no success. Being part of Vivid Entertainment is one of the highlights of Canyon’s career and one she speaks fondly of saying, “I am honored to have been with them from 1990 when I signed my first and only contract and I will be there until, well, forever.”

Christy Canyon has been recognized as one of the best talents in the business, has been named one of the most beautiful and is considered a legend and Canyon says without her fans she would not be where she is today. “Thank you and I am so not through with you yet, you have me forever.”

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