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Christopher Rivera Amaro: Dead boxer propped up in ring at wake

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Christopher Rivera Amaro is dead, but to his surviving loved ones, he is still full of life. The Puerto Rican boxer was murdered last Sunday and his wake, which was held Friday, depicts him standing up in the corner of a boxing ring. Christopher Rivera's funeral was macabre to others, but it expressed his love for fighting, according to a Jan. 31 Washington Post report.

Death and bereavement stories like these are all too common nowadays. One cropped up days ago about a man's final wishes. Read here about an "Ohio man buried riding his 1967 Harley-Davidson motorcycle in extra-large grave."

Christopher Rivera was 23 when he fell to a bullet fired from an unknown gunman on Jan. 26 city of Santurce. At this time, there has been no word of arrests or suspects in the killing.

The young fighter only had a 5-15 record in the ring, but those who knew him says he loved the sport and had a dying wish of being memorialized at his wake/funeral services.

The idea was discussed with a local funeral home, which hatched the idea of propping Rivera's embalmed body in the corner of a makeshift boxing ring. The family agreed and the story went viral.

Donning a yellow hood, black sunglasses, and blue gloves, the dead boxer posed with his wife, son, and mom ( shown here).

Christopher Rivera's wake was held in a public housing project and attracted throngs of people who paid their respects. Sources say the display took several hours to set up.


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