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Christopher Rivera Amaro: Corpse of killed boxer posed in ring for family photos

Dead Christopher Rivera Amaro poses with his wife, son, and mother
Dead Christopher Rivera Amaro poses with his wife, son, and mother
Daily News

Christopher Rivera Amaro loved boxing and after the 23-year-old was shot dead, the funeral home suggested posing Christopher Rivera Amaro’s dead body in a boxing ring for the wake. Family pictures taken of the corpse show that “EVEN in death, Christopher Rivera Amaro almost looked ready to box, leaning against the corner of a simulated ring,” reported on Feb. 2, 2014.

Christopher Rivera Amaro had a 5-15 record in the 130-pound weight class and was only 23 years old when he was shot dead on Sunday in Santurce in Puerto Rico. So far, no one has been arrested in the murder of the young boxer and there are no suspects.

Since the boxer’s family wanted to emphasize Christopher Rivera Amaro’s lifelong passion for boxing at his wake, Elsie Rodriguez, vice president of the Marin Funeral Home, suggested posing the corpse in a makeshift boxing ring.

During Friday’s wake, Christopher Rivera Amaro’s corpse was propped up in the corner of the makeshift boxing ring in a community center of a public housing complex. Wearing a yellow hood on his head, sunglasses glasses over his eyes, and blue boxing gloves on his hands, he stood there ready to fight.

Christopher Rivera Amaro’s wife, son, mother, and other mourners took family photos standing right next to the corpse.