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Christopher Nolan, Matthew McConaughey show 'Interstellar' footage at ComicCom

Christopher Nolan and Matthew McConaughey
Christopher Nolan and Matthew McConaughey
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

According to a Thursday story on Io9, Christopher Nolan and Matthew McConaughey dropped by ComicCom in San Diego and showed footage from their upcoming movie ”Interstellar.” Nolan is the director of the film. McConaughey stars as a pilot and engineer who leads the first expedition to a planet orbiting another star. Here is the description of the footage:

“But here's what was new: we got a look at the destination for McConaughey's Cooper and Anne Hathaway. We see them outside the ship in their space suits, and the light is very blue. Then they're on a rocky planet, still in their suits, struggling in some kind of body of water. They're also assaulted by what looks like some kind of X-shaped object, which barrels towards them like a missile or a ship. It doesn't look natural, so we'll see what that means.

“The new trailer starts with Michael Cain saying that the only way we can solve whatever is wrong with Earth is by leaving. McConaughey tells his children that he has to go, and his daughter asks "how long?" The young girl bears a striking resemblance to Jessica Chastain, by the way, who appears later — we see her face on screen in the spaceship, while a sad-looking McConaughey stares at her.

“He and Hathaway have a conversation about how he didn't tell her what he was doing because he didn't know how to explain it. We also see some tender moments between Hathaway and another member of the crew.”

Interstellar” has been in development for a number of years. At one time it was going to be a Steven Spielberg project before it was handed over to Nolan. Besides McConaughey and Hathaway, the film stars Michael Caine, Jessica Chastain, Topher Grace, Casey Affleck, John Lihgow, and William Devane.

“Interstellar” is apparently set in the near future when environmental collapse has doomed the Earth, causing economic and political upheaval in its wake. However a rift appears in space/time that provides a route to a new world for humanity. McConaughey’s character is tasked with leading the first expedition to the new world apparently to ascertain its suitability as a site for a new home for humanity.

Nolan is the director of quite a few great movies, including “Inception” and “The Dark Knight” trilogy. He is a producer of “Man of Steel,” the latest rebooting of the Superman story. However, “Interstellar,” which is one of the most anticipated science fiction films in quite some time, will be Nolan’s most ambitious.

Nolan’s goal is to make this generation’s “2001: A Space Odyssey.” This is an interesting choice, leaving aside the grand themes and stunning image of the movie that defined movie goers’ conception of space travel. “2001” was released the year before the first moon landing of Apollo 11. It depicted a future in which people lived on the moon and traveled across interplanetary distances to discover the secrets of the universe. The actual future, for various reasons, turned out to be a disappointment.

“Interstellar” is being released in November, 2014, during a period of great angst concerning America’s space program. The great dreams that were depicted in “2001” seem to be stalled, mainly due to dysfunctional politics. The new movie seems to have, as a theme, that in the last extremis, with the life of the human race at stake, we can still step up and set forth to a brave new world so that we can, as the poet Tennyson said, “To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

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