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Christopher Murray allegedly killed his wife

The Murrays looked happy. So why did he kill her?
The Murrays looked happy. So why did he kill her?

Christopher Murray has been charged with the murder of his wife Connie Murray -- the female jogger that was found dead in Pennypack Park. This August 11 report shares a lot of the details -- and revisits some of the strange comments made by the man before he was officially made a suspect.

"I just want this to go away," the man said on a live news segment the day his wife's cause of death was released.

There is little doubt that he meant these words, but looking back after his arrest it's clear that he meant far more than the Daily News interview at the time. His wife died as a victim of homicidal violence, and if the allegations made by police are 100% true, she died at the hands of someone she loved and trusted. This is something he will have to live with for the rest of his life -- but where will he be spending the rest of his life? That's the big question right now.

Of course Christopher Murray is learning the hard way right now that these kinds of problems just don't go away. In fact, he should have been aware that cases of violence against women are statistically almost always caused by a significant other -- especially in cases where women are murdered or go missing. The manner in which she died screams domestic violence, as strangulation and beating deaths tend to be the most common ways men kill their wives/girlfriends. So if he really intended on moving on with his life and getting away with murder he certainly didn't think this one through. Disposing of his wife in the Philly park where her body was discovered was the second biggest mistake he made in that alleged chain of events. Of course, the first mistake was harming the woman at all.

Here's to hoping the wheels of justice are swift, and the surviving loved ones of this slain woman can move on with some kind of closure. As for her husband: His problems have only just begun.