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Christopher Monckton wants to "fill the jails" with birther nonbelievers

Christopher Monckton
Christopher Monckton
Jerry Galea

WorldNetDaily's Christopher Monckton is claiming that President Obama was born outside of the United States and should not only be removed from office, but imprisoned.

In a column titled "7 Steps That’ll Land Obama In Jail", Monckton encourages the House GOP to embrace a birther investigation led by Mike Zullo and Joe Arpaio.

Taking cues from his colleague Erik Rush (fascism's #1 fan), Monckton advises that Congress can encourage this by throwing democracy out the window and prosecuting as criminals anyone who dares to disagree with them.

Step 4: Prepare a bill to remove from the statute-book every act of Congress or executive order signed by Mr. Obama. They are all invalid.

Step 5: Don't expect anyone to arrest Mr. Obama while he is still the people's tenant. The sheriff is all too conscious of the extraordinary extent to which every relevant federal investigating authority is willfully providing cover for Mr. Obama on the flimsy ground that the international community would think less well of America if the scandal became public.

However, in 2016 Mr Obama will no longer be protected by the office to which he is not on any view entitled. At that point, various agencies will belatedly scramble to start doing the job they should be doing now, in the vain hope of evading prosecution for acting as accessories after the fact of forgery.

Step 6: Press home your advantage. Obamagate is the paradigm of why Big Government does not work. Give private citizens the right to bring prosecutions without the consent of the states’ attorneys general. All of them were shown an outline of the evidence. None – without exception – has lifted a finger to put right what is so obviously wrong.

Let the heads roll, right across federal and state governments. Fill the jails. Only when the crooks have gone can America march forward again as her Founding Fathers had intended.

Somehow, I doubt a totalitarian dictatorship in which not believing the ruling party's most vicious lies about its opponents is punishable by imprisonment is what the Founding Fathers had in mind.

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