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Christopher Atkins attached to new TV series "The Sparrows"

Christopher Atkins has joined the production of the new family-friendly TV series, The Sparrows. He will be a regular on the series, playing the character of Mike Sparrow.

Christopher Atkins attached to "The Sparrows"
Christopher Atkins

Chris is best known for his role in the popular TV series, Dallas, and in the 1980, the controversial production of The Blue Lagoon. In addition, he has been in over 50 movie and TV projects, including the cult classic, The Pirate Movie.

Most recently, Chris was in the family-film, A Horse For Summer, produced by Nandar Entertainment, and directed by Nancy Criss, to be out in 2014.

The Sparrows is a family-oriented, inspirational series that has the texture found in The Walton's and Little House on the Prairie, set in modern-day. The story revolves around the Sparrow family, when after the death of his wife, Mike Sparrow, a middle-aged executive with two daughters, moves to his estranged father's ranch in Arizona. His father's future wife and an old girlfriend bring depth to the storyline, along with two teen aged combatants and a horse whisperer.

The series is being written by Kenneth J. Lemm and Jane L. Fitzpatrick, with Director, Nancy Criss and Executive Producer, R. Glenn Brannan. Along with Christopher Atkins, Mike Sparrow; the cast also includes Chalet Brannan, Anjela Sparrow; Nicole Criss, Emily Sparrow; Robert Miano, Gus Sparrow; and Michael Emery,Terri Minton and Teri Lee, among many others.

Watch for this awesome new TV series broadcasting on FOX affiliate channels in the Fall of 2014 to an estimated 60 million households. Check the local listings for the day and time, and follow along with the production on Facebook by CLICKING HERE: The Sparrows on Facebook

Christopher Atkins of

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