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Christmas Wreath of fabric welcomes guests at the door

Christmas Wreath of fabric
Christmas Wreath of fabric

If you do not enjoy working with crochet hooks or knitting needles you might like to use a kit for a fabric decoration like the one in the photo. The pattern was already printed on the fabric; all it takes is a few minutes on a sewing machine to sew around the wreath shape and some polyurethane for the stuffing.

Using a sewing needle and some thread you will need to close the center circle for the hole in the wreath by hand. The length of fabric for the bow is sewn on the machine then tied into a bow and hand sewn onto the front of the wreath. You can hang this wreath on a mounted hook or an over the door frame hook.

Kits don’t take long to put together and they can be stored for many years or passed down through the family. In my stash is a fabric set of Christmas bells with metal jingle bells that has been brought out for the holidays for thirty years. They are fun to make and can be used anywhere in the house for the holidays. Kits can be found in big box craft stores or online.