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Christmas time, family time

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Merry Christmas to all family oriented who believe in family, trust in family and have been committed to family!

There are many inventions in human history which have built the solid ladder of human progress. The most important and the most fragile is the family. It is hard archaeologically to document family, but we can believe that prehistoric houses, especially small houses represent family models. We name the prehistoric house occupants a household since it is impossible to construct well-argued models of kin, but presumably the core household is extended family. While household sounds cold, the family is a warm world, as fireplace, mother’s love, father’s love, children’s love. This love has been placing gifts under the Christmas trees in the last pre-Christmas mornings, has been increasing the usual amount of the supporting funds sent via Western Union or Money Gram to the distant family members, has been even breaking plans of business making you think about family or coming family in case of distant Christmas celebration. Christmas time is family time. The lost members become stronger social memory since their images warm the mind and make people feel better persons and more oriented toward goodness. Christmas time is a Goodness time.

To be family person is not a traditional thinking, it is most wanted thinking. The world today looks upside down. The people do not have much money and their life becomes a life when their money goes to pay rents, mortgages, cars, gas, bills, credit cards …. In many countries they are not paid bad, but just the life is more expensive than the humans can earn. And in way when you go in the bakery and do not want to pay 5 dollars for bread which costs 1 dollar, in the same way you cannot make the employee pay you 20 dollars if your labor costs 10 dollars. Only in the hospital you may pay for the smallest cloth even $60 dollars since any price covers the expenses of the hospitals, while many of these expenses are in fact benefits and very high salaries for overvalued labor (innovate technology paid by taxpayers dominates today in the hospitals). The medical services is the best example of upside down civilization – the people pay taxes for improvement of the health care, while the improvement do not benefit the people, but overpaid owners of buildings, equipment and employees, while the people have to pay with one or even more of one paycheck for something that they desire as low cost subsistence.

There is an objective conflict between the subsistence standards of living today and the objective framework of the cost of human labor. Unfortunately, the paycheck academicians also only increase the places in the universities and colleges as instructors, and they even do not have time (and willing) for social science that helps the society really. Other, from the Facebook either has been idealized the communism and believe that communism is a good idea but just was corrupted by people in the former communist countries (see the Facebook page of Toncho Bonev from Karlovo) or want other people to connect to the political power – people who may bring goodness for all honest people in the world (see Nation fires Parliament, a Bulgarian Facebook site). However, everything starts with family.

Most unfortunately, today many avoid marriage licenses since they believe that the life is game, the children do not need marriage licenses of their parents, and it may look even more humanistic to leave people with their individual freedom instead having papers which today are more papers of troubles than of success. How many marriage licenses today finish with contracts for millions dollars just one to feel again not connected to somebody and to have the freedom to make another choice?!

Nevertheless, marriage license is not just paper. It is a mental objectivized fact of life-long connectivity and once humans become again enough smart to understand that 10-20-50 years and even 100 years cannot change the world human experience, the world will become again on its legs. Human world looks disable without life-long commitments to family and if we want healthy human world in a progress – we need to enculturate and re-enculturate ourselves and to understand that if we do not think seriously about family, if we do not have in ourselves the commitment to the current or future spouse, we just trouble not only the other side, but the society. Not to think about family and relationship with marriage license (when there is willing at least from the side of the woman) is anti-moral behavior.

There is egalitarism in gender understanding today, which however avoid the social function and positions of the different genders today. And these functions and positions are different. In way in which man cannot give a birth of child, in the same way man should not victimize woman for emotion or sexual pleasure if the woman attempts marriage and is obvious that attempts marriage. Emotional abuse is more devastating even than sexual abuse, since emotional abuse occupies the mind of people and effect personality entirely. Not every sexual abuse grows as emotional abuse. And the victim does not need doctors and papers to prove that there was emotionally abused, since the actions of the man are enough to constitute emotional abuse. Today, unfortunately, this actions can be direct and indirect, visible and invisible. To save the gender differences as human understanding is also a mission to save the world in the 21st century.

Sexual, emotional and social abusers trouble and demoralize society and nowadays at least the American courts took the moral mission to restore the progress by looking at the relationship of couples as commitment or broken commitment in which one who breaks the commitment is guilty and responsible for the other side never mind whether there is or not marriage license and even a state of living together, since if somebody makes another to think that he/she is the husband, the mind works in this direction. And the human people are minds, they are not material objects.
The American courts as courts of the country with the best traditions in democracy may make also the young people think when feel sexual and emotional desire if there is a life-long commitment or not. If not – this desire can easy go away without any victim or there should be a clear sign that the relationship does not have marriage oriented character. The human life is not to make victims but to make people happy.

The family, schools, churches and courts in America have very responsible mission in the year of 2014 when Obama has made the mess of health insurance – Obama has wanted the USA to be an ideal county in not very realistic way, although all institutions in most realistic manner can make family work for strong moral, that means strong country.

The human living standards today have different parameters. Improving everyday the parameters of less singles, more families and no divorces means happiness for everybody in the world! One of the best ways to make this improvement work is to understand that family is not today just living together, it is by mentally connected with somebody through a channel in the brain which is the family channel of the only one. It is not about the ring that shows the marriage status, but the mind to be connected with the other person by a life-long commitment. The history well knows this experience by the so-called lovers (physical or in mind) outside the marriage which however, may function as real spouses if the mind connectivity exists. Then, the 21st century marriage ideal is about purity of mind and thoughts not only about visible behavior since impurity may create devastating masked or invisible behavior. And this purity may do not exist in many minds, that make many not even care where somebody is married or not to initiate relationship attempting gain the single place in the mind channel of family. The psychotronic terrorists of lumpen-based social segments (e.g. Henrieta Todorova gang from Bulgaria) would use all their time and energy to break anything healthy and nice in the life of their victims, since by living life of criminal psychotronic lumpens, they cannot stand even the smallest grain of happiness in the gardens of others. Personally amoral and deculturated, such people poison the very idea of family and commit to invisible crime to make people unhappy and unsuccessful. This becomes a goal of life of demoralized segments who have been trying to poison the whole world and to make it a desert of real human values.

Christmas time is time for family and time for gifts. We all can make the best gift ever – to commit to goodness and the best goodness is to make family a temple of mind and everydayness which brings the best moral ever.

Merry Christmas!



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