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Christmas Time!!!


    It is Christmas time again! I am really looking forward to Christmas and I am very excited. My past holidays have been spent with family, but this year I am actually taking a road trip with friends to spend Christmas in Cleveland, OH. Originally I am from Jackson, MS, so I guess you can say I am a bit of a country girl, I didn’t grow up around snow so to be going to a city that has snowy Christmases is an exciting thing for me. Lately I have been pretty surprised because there seems to be a lack of holiday spirit and cheer, usually right after Thanksgiving the lights and decorations go up and you can tell that it is time for the holidays. I remember when I was small how festive people would get around this time of year, I remember the decorated yards, all the lights and seeing the huge Christmas trees from the windows. So far I have barely seen any decorations and every home that I pass in driving barely seems to be lit with lights; I do not know if it is from the recession but things are definitely a bit different this holiday season.

    I actually think that this year people will really celebrate the true reason for Christmas, which is the birth of Jesus Christ. Many of us do not have the money or the means to buy lots of presents and gifts which help each of us focus on the true meaning for this holiday. I must admit I do get excited to give gifts and I LOVE receiving them, but this Christmas will be more focused on love and being with family and friends. This is a time that we all should be rejoicing and celebrating in cheer because of Christ’s birth and nothing excites me more than that. The birth of Christ has little to do with buying and receiving gifts and hopefully the lack there of for this holiday will show some of us that. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas and I hope many of us can really celebrate and rejoice for this holiday’s true meaning. Merry Christmas!!!