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Christmas This Year

Our gift from God above
Our gift from God above
William Lacey

We have rapidly hit Christmas 2011 around the world. I have to say 2011 has been one of the most challenging years we have all seen in a long time. Many are cringing about the thought of celebrating Christmas because of where they are at financilly, emotionally or maybe even physically.

I know it has been hard on many of us out there, however there is still much to be thankful for and celebrate, if you want to.

I just talked to a family here in Los Angeles that had a really challenging year and yet are still finding it in their hearts to celebrate the reeason for the seaon. This family went through want many have here in Southern California; job losses, son killed while serving our country, the wife was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and no insurance. The amazing part with this family is the example they set for those around them, in spite of all these challenges, pains and uncertainity they have fully trusted that God would not let them down.

In the past few weeks many miracles have begun to surround them; the wife was healed through faith and prayer, they have been a comfort to other families suffering loss during this challenging time and they decided to start a business to generate income, meeting a need in their community.

How is this possible you may be asking? It all comes down to having faith in a certain (meaning definate) God in uncertain times. A series recently I heard at Generations Church ( in Menife, California, "By Faith-Trusting in a certain God in uncertain times" a journey through the faith chapter in Hebrews (Hebrews 11).

As Christians we need to remember why it is we are celebrating this Christmas season. It is not about the gifts, the food it is about the perfect gift that was given to you and I from God in heaven. The perfect gift of the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

We watch how commercialized Christmas has become and loose perspective on why we celebrate. Time to come back to the true meaning behind Christmas, get back to the basics. There is something for EVERY believer to celebrate this Christmas season no matter where we are, we can celebrate the gift of salvation we have been given!

In our home we have nothing under the tree but the village and train set my husband puts up every year beacuse the money was not there. However, we are celebrating the amazing gifts we have from God above, the amazing gift of love for each other and a hot meal on Christmas day. What will you celebrate today?


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