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Christmas Savings Idea: ShopKick for Gift Cards


Recently I've started using an app called ShopKick that gives you points for scanning items in stores that you visit often and in exchange you get Gift Cards to stores such as Target, JcPenney, Starbucks and more.

I had read about this app for awhile on some of the Mommy/Frugal blogs that I follow, and was a bit skeptical at first--BUT the app is really easy to use and you can rack up enough points for your first gift card in a day if you try hard enough (or go out shopping enough).

Some of the cool things about this app are:

  • When you sign up through a referral link, you earn 50 points
  • You only need 500 points (kicks) to redeem for a giftcard
  • Most scans in store are 25-200 kicks (no cost involved)
  • You CAN link your debit card and also earn additional points (kicks) when you make a purchase OR at Best Buy just let them know that you use ShopKick and you will earn your Best Buy Rewards AND ShopKick points (kicks)

The app is not at all time consuming and you earn kicks for just having the app on your phone and walking into the stores affiliated with the app (Target, Walmart, etc.). I personally scan all of the items for kicks (because why say no to FREE gift cards to walk down a few more aisles in a store), but you don't have to.

The gift card amounts are NOT enormous ($5 - $25) but what I have been doing lately is saving each gift card code for Christmas time. I just started with ShopKick last week and have already redeemed two $5 Target Gift Cards. My plan is to earn $5 - $15 additional this way and use them when shopping on Black Friday this year!

To sign up via my referral link click here:

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