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Christmas movies

Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) loves Christmas
Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) loves Christmas

Christmas is quickly approaching, and besides looking forward to the family time, food, and presents the other thing to look forward to is the TNT's 24 hour marathon of A Christmas Story. Although that is a classic Christmas movie that everyone must watch at least once during the season, it's not the only classic that should be seen. Not going to include any of the cartoon classics because there are just too many enjoyable ones out there, so these will only be live action movies. In no particular order:

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989) - Starring the beloved Griswolds (Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo and joining them this time are Juliette Lewis and Johnny Galecki) - Oh, Clark are such a joy to watch no matter the time of year. The basic plot of this movie is that the Griswold's extended family comes for the holiday and hilarity ensues as trees are caught on fire, the turkey is over cooked, and Cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid) is just being Cousin Eddie. This movie hits close to home for many people who have those one or two family members who they just dread seeing, and for those of us who have a heck of a time getting those Christmas lights to work.

Home Alone (1990) - Starring Macaulay Culkin, Catherine O'Hara, Joe Pesci, and Daniel Stern. Who didn't love Mac as a kid? His screaming, shocked face is part of all our memories. Although the plot may seem kind of ridiculous - entire family leaves one child behind during the holiday season who then thwarts robbers from stealing from their home, before being reunited with his family one Christmas day - it was still very enjoyable and Culkin definitely made the movie (did anyone see the sequels with out him? not fun at all). Great to watch at any time of the year, but especially during Christmas.

Black Christmas (1974) - Starring Olivia Hussey, Margot Kidder, Andrea Martin. It's Christmas time at a sorority house, but before the girls can really celebrate they begin to be killed off one by one by a psychotic prank caller who is hiding in their own home. You probably won't get that "feel good" vibe from this horror classic, but you'll still get the chills. The 2006 remake doesn't live up to the original, but is still hilarious to watch.

There are so many more great movies here are some other recommendations: Gremlins (1984), Elf (2003), Scrooged (1988), and just because I like it The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993).