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Christmas in June

Nintendo just had their E3 digital event! There was a lot of exciting content that was shown and much more to come in the next couple hours and even in the developers round table tomorrow(90 minutes of information for a never even announced title)! Several of the titles announced are coming next year, but we still have some good fun things to look forward to this year.
Now lets get into the games that they’ve shown off a little:
Mario maker (2015)
• Yoshi’s wooly world (2015)
• Captain Toads treasure tracker (holiday 2014)
• Hyrule warriors ( princess Zelda and Midna are confirmed playable characters. Coming in September)
• Legend of Zelda (completely open world, with Link rocking a blue tunic, a ponytail and a sweet new bow. 2015)
• Splatoon (2015)
• Amiibo ( )
• Smash brothers (3DS october, Wii U holiday 2014) with three mii fighter options and Lady Palutena
• Bayonetta 2 (bundled with the first game with alternate Nintendo costumes. Coming in October)
• Star fox Wii U
• Kirby and the rainbow curse (this game has a fun new Claymation art style. 2015)
• Xenoblade Chronincles X (2015)
• Poke’mon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire (coming in November)
• Fantasy life
• Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: ace attorney
• Mario party 10 (bowser as main character)
• Devils third (2014)
• Miyamoto’s new Project giant robot and project guard ( )

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