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Christmas is about family, truckers included

“Twas da night afore Christmas, and all thru the truck stop; the truckers were sleeping all snug in their racks, most of em was snoring cuz they laid on their backs. Their engines were off and their stacks all set high cuz they knowed St. Nickolas would soon be by. They hoped Santa would bring them a trip home tomorrow, to offset their loneliness and soften their sorrow. To support their families they had to leave home, and across this great country they all had to roam. Through sleet and snow and all sorts of stuff, a trucker does truck and they sure have to be tough. They put their lives on the line each and every day, to give them and their families a better way. So Santa please keep us truckers in mind, and let us on Christmas our families we find....” (McCarter, James, 2011). Christmas is just a few weeks away and the trucking community is making arrangements to secure loads home in time to watch their children open their Christmas presents. Other drivers, with no family at all, spend the holidays on the road; often alone, in almost secluded truck stops. During this time of year, whether there is family to visit or not, there is always anxiety for these men and women. In addition, the secure feeling of having a job weighs heavily on their minds. Why do drivers feel insecure around this time of year? In years past, they have bore witness to drivers losing everything when trucking companies close their doors. This is particularly painful around the holidays. Nobody wants to relive the chaos and devastation of 2009 when Arrow Trucking announced the closing of their doors by sending their drivers a message to turn in their trucks to the nearest Freightliner, Kenworth dealer. The Arrow Trucking closure is in the distant past; however, the devastation to the entire trucking community is still felt today. Certainly, a repeat episode at the hands of another trucking company’s closure remains on their minds. In the words of Mr. McCarter, an owner-operator for JB Hunt, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good safe journey home!