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Christmas gifts for your dog; best gifts for the active dog

Have a high energy pooch? Looking for a way to work off that energy (and preserve your home and sanity)? Regardless of the toy, interacting with your dog in a positive way to achieve a happy and mentally stable pet is a responsibility; and it can be a time consuming one at that. The following toys will help you maximize your exercise time.

The tried and true. Chuckit! ball launchers( ) are simply that. They come in a variety of lengths and chucking distances from short to long range and a variety of balls from plain to whistling to floating. Your arm will not tire as the ball sails distances further than most can throw barehanded; a dog pleaser everytime! These toys also work great for owners with arthritis or joint pain that need to get out and exercise their pet. The launching motion being more of a forearm flick then a full wind up and pitch.

Looking for something a little different? Hyper products ( makes a whole line of products for the active dog.  Most notable include:                                                                             a slingshot style ball launcher that comes in a mini and standard size and holds 2 or 4 balls.                         bark -n- bat ; a baseball bat equipped with a scoop at the end so you don't have to handle a slobbery ball.   tennis dog; a tennis racket with a net that can be used to scoop up balls and then pull back and shoot.        doggie driver; a driver equipped with a ball scoop so you can practice your drive while exercising your pet.

Got a spastic or ball driven dog, not a lot of time and some extra money? Check out a GODOGGO automatic ball launcher ( ). This is an amazing machine with a variety of customizable options like launch distance (15-30ft), delay intervals between balls (7-15 sec)or remote control launching, it's AC adaptable or battery powered so you can take it with you.  A bucket holds up to 15 tennis balls that is easily accessible so you can train your dog to "drop" into it and play a game of fetch all by themselves (a sensor will launch the ball after the preset delay interval).

These and many more products will make wonderful Christmas presents. Check out for other gift ideas!