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Christmas Gifts for a Hunter

When it comes to variety, finding the perfect Christmas gifts for the deer hunter in your family is probably one of the easiest purchases you will ever make. Black Friday has come and gone but I am certain that if you yourself is a hunter, you might have been lucky enough to actually be in the deer woods instead of the jungle of shopping carts- postponing Christmas shopping until after the peak of deer season. If that special someone is a deer hunter, the sky is the limit when it comes to gun and bow accessories.

SOS Innovative Products Rotator
photo courtesy SOS TV

Here is what I call my 'Top Ten' list of gifts for deer hunters for 2009:

1)  The Rotator. This is a rotating gun rack that will maximize space and access for your guns that sometimes get stacked on top of each other in your safe. Watch the video and purchase online in the 'Recommended Products' by going to

2)  EHP-Electronic Hearing Protection. Electronic gadgets are always a hit at Christmas and one of the hottest ticket items are the new electronic muffs from EHP. Every time you shoot a gun, permanent hearing loss occurs. By wearing electronic hearing protection like the new EHP Ranger or EHP Big Woods electronic muffs, you get the best of both worlds. Enhance your normal hearing 3-5 times with digital HD sound and protect your hearing from the harmful affects of muzzleblast. Available soon in adult and junior sizes in 2010. For more information go to

3) Knives. What hunter isn't thrilled with a new knife? If your significant other is a law enforcement or  tactical guy, check out the new line of tactical knives from Combative Edge. Another fantastic choice comes from Puma knives- both companies are on the cutting edge.....

4) Deer scent and scent elimination products. I never thought I'd buy a bottle of deer pee until I tried it and found out it really works! Show that someone this holiday season you really care with a bottle of deer urine- seriously. Check out Tink's entire line of scent and scent elimination products for stocking stuffers.

5) Turkey calls. There are few avid turkey hunters I know that don't buy a new diaphragm call every spring prior to the season. Some of the best mouth calls ever made can be found at

6) Magnet Gun Caddy. This innovative product allows you to secure your gun to the side of your vehicle while getting ready to hit the field. Purchase online in the 'Recommended Products' by going to

7) USA Outback TV online subscription. Can't afford to make that 'once in a lifetime' hunt happen  this year? In the meantime,  get the next best thing experience the thrill online. Hunting has gone high-tech and can now be watched from the comfort of your favorite computer chair. Whether it is hunting mountain lions in Montana or chasing gators through the swamps of Florida, check out the entire collection of hunting and fishing online videos with a gift subscription at

8) Membership to the NRA. This is the cheapest insurance policy you will ever buy. Protect your freedom as a gun owner by joining the National Rifle Association. Go to

9) Guided hunts. A gift certificate for a guided hunt just might be the way to go. Check out the full list of Recommended outfitters and guides at

10) Time. This is a gift you can give that won't cost you a dime. Take the time to share the tradition of hunting with a loved one or a friend. Pass it on. This is a gift that will keep on giving.

All of these items can be accessed at

Happy hunting !


  • Maggie 5 years ago

    Great gift ideas! With numerous avid hunters in the family, this article will come in handy.

    Indy Healthy Dining Examiner

  • Denny 5 years ago

    Thanks Maggie !

    If you need an extra info, feel free to contact me and Happy Holidays!


  • kelsy 5 years ago

    My Boyfriend is into hunting big and i don't know whay to get him he gave me everything and i bought him just about everything to do with hunting and fishing and the only thing left is to get him the biggest deer i have ever seen and that is at the farm i work at and that is hard. The deer is like my friend he can come with in arms length of me and if i shoot him man i would be so said. so if any one would love to give me an idea for my man just write it on here and i will look

  • kelsy 5 years ago

    this is a good sight though

  • Denny Snyder 5 years ago


    If he wants big deer, then get him a gift certificate for a trophy whitetail hunt! OR get him a subscription online to USA Outback TV- then he can watch the 'Making Sense out of Scents' videos and 'Call of the Week' spots so he'll have the knowledge to get his big buck on hs own- and it only costs you $29.95!

    Merry Xmas !