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Christmas gift for the hard-to-buy-for nudist

A calendar is a wonderful holiday gift!
A calendar is a wonderful holiday gift!

Calendars are popular items to put under a loved one's Christmas tree.  Some fun versions feature The Far Side for comic strip fans, Harley and Gold Wing calendars for motorcycle enthusiasts, any of dozens of desktop or wall display calendars that depict TV, music and film stars. and calendars for pet lovers and hobby interests of all kinds.  But have you considered purchasing an increasingly popular version of the practical yet kitschy desk accessory? 

Nudist calendars have grown in popularity not only because they feature beautiful, natural human forms, but because, for the most part, they are published to raise money for some extremely worthy causes:  Hurricane relief, global warming awareness, preserving the beauty of the Florida Keys. Most calendars tap into a niche market like tattooed librarians, women over 40, nudists with chemical sensitivities or cartoon/hand-drawn calendars such as "12 Months Without a Stitch" from CafePress.

While some calendars are gratuitous and advertise themselves as nudist-oriented while promoting sexually-themed photos, a great many are truly nudist - promoting the beauty and joy of the human form. Interestingly, the most sexually charged photos on calendars (and on many beaches as well!) are NOT of nudists, but of professional models in wearing various amounts of clothing! The nudist publications feature beautiful photography, but emphasize nature and a sense of humanity.

Make someone on your Christmas list happy and help out a cause that can use the support of all of us!