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Christmas Every Day

Santa Claus
Santa Claus
AP Photo/Bela Szandelszky

How would you like to have Christmas every day? Does it sound like a good idea? William D. Howells’ wrote a short story titled Christmas Every Day.

In the story, a little girl comes to her papa and asks him to tell her a story about Christmas because as she says, “It’s getting to be the season. It’s past Thanksgiving already.” Her father tells her the story of a little girl who wishes to have Christmas every day. The girl sends her wish to the Christmas Fairy and her wish is granted. She wakes and every day is literally Christmas, only things are not as the girl thought they would be. Every day is Christmas but every day does not feel like Christmas.

The father’s story takes many unbelievable twists and turns, but his daughter is able to understand the moral. The moral of the story is unmistakable, but the story itself leaves a lot to be desired. Read the story and decide for yourself. Do you want Christmas Every Day?