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Christmas Eve Eve

In some places in the world it is already Christmas Eve. Here in Madison it is Christmas Eve Eve. It is the time when things speed up and slow down. People are doing last minute shopping and wrapping presents. Christmas Eve dinners are being prepped. People are beginning long drives and for some longer waits for flights to family and friends.

The bustle is in full swing and damp slippery snow intercedes to awe child like hearts and confound grumpy ones. God paints the world as he sees fit in preparation for his Son’s “birthday.” In Canberra, Australia it is almost Christmas Eve already and the temperature is 800F. It appears that it will be warm and muggy in Florida as well. Here there is fresh snow and more on the way. The temperature is only hovering around freezing so the roads are not good.

In all of this it is time to focus. Today will drift through the hourglass more rapidly than I wish. Tomorrow the turnkey will go in the oven, the bells will ring, and all will be set and ready. By an act of will I will focus more closely on Christ and what he has done and is doing for me. This time is above all else about Christ and his coming to redeem us. I must put him foremost in my mind on purpose or business will relegate him to the sidelight or even backstage. Examine yourself Madison, and tell me what you think.