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Christmas decorating for your home on a budget

A great collection of Christmas decorations takes years to build. Very few of us can deck out the entire house in one shopping trip. There’s the Christmas tree, ornaments, lights, garland, window stickers, and gingerbread-scented candles…But it doesn’t take a hefty pocketbook to decorate the home for the holidays.

Christmas decorating tip #1 – Take advantage of after-Christmas sales

This is probably the most useful Christmas decorating tip you will ever hear. You will find great deals after Christmas (even though you probably won’t want to see another Christmas ornament until next year!). But this is definitely the time to buy next year’s decorations: prices for trees, lights, and ornaments likely will have dropped now that Christmas is over.

Christmas decorating tip #2 – Visit the local discount store

Okay, so you get what you pay for. Cheap decorations look – well – cheap. But you may be able to find the staples (artificial tree, holiday candles, stickers…), at least, at a dollar or discount shop. Hey, it’s a start!

Christmas decorating tip # 3 – Do it yourself

If you have school-age kids, you probably have a ton of homemade Christmas tree ornaments and works of art all boxed up from previous years. Take them back out and have the kids make new decorations to add to the collection. You can even make some decorations of your own – be creative and have fun!

Be frugal when shopping for Christmas decorations. Remember that long list of gifts you still have to buy for the kids? And just think – in only few years, you will have built up a great collection of your own Christmas decorations, all on a modestly-sized budget!


  • Jenny Wagner - Charlotte Interior Improvement Exam 5 years ago

    So true, it really does take a very long time to build up your Christmas collection of decorations. YEARS! This is all very good advice. I ALWAYS hit the after Christmas sales.

  • Kaisa Wuollet 5 years ago

    Very good tips. I have to get out after Christmas this year!!