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Christmas celebrations coming back to some American schools

Parents and students are fighting back against the war on Christmas and there is evidence that in some states they are winning the battle. Help has come from recently passed legislation that allows celebrations of the holidays in school rooms once again.

Nativity scene in schools

Lawmakers are taking action that allows schools to celebrate religious traditions such as Christmas without fear of having left-leaning organization suing them. Among the states already taking action are Tennessee and Oklahoma while others such as legislators in Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, New Jersey, Texas, are in the process of introducing similar bills.

That does not mean that organizations such as the American Humanist Association and the ACLU have given up the fight to keep Christmas celebrations out of the schools. According to them allowing religious displays in schools would unintentionally imply that the government is supporting that belief.

According to WND the bill that was passed in Tennessee is an example of the support for bringing Christmas back into school rooms as it received a 30-0 vote in the state senate and 83-4 in the House.

Brought to the Tennessee legislature by Sen. Stacy Campbell, the bill was written

…to protect public schools from being sued if a teacher or student chooses to celebrate a winder holiday as long as the school includes more than one religious tradition in the practice. It also allows campuses to have both a menorah and a Festivus pole without complaint as well as a Santa Claus and a Nativity scene.

Meanwhile Ramussen Reports that 75 percent of Americans think Christmas should be celebrated in public schools, 15 percent disagree and 10 percent are unsure.

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