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Christmas bunnies up for adoption

These Christmas rabbits are ready for adoption!
These Christmas rabbits are ready for adoption!
Bananas for Bunnies Rabbit Rescue

Recently a dog walker spotted eight white rabbits at Lake Chabot. She immediately guessed that someone had abandoned a litter and miraculously she was able to gather them up.

Perhaps the person who let them go felt they were being set free, but pet rabbits – especially white ones – do not have the same survival skills as wild rabbits. Domesticated rabbits do not know how to forage for food in the same way as wild rabbits, nor do they have the same finely tuned flight instincts, not to mention that they are not able to blend in with their surroundings. There is nothing subtle about white with pink eyes!

Luckily a few of these rabbits have already been adopted. The five remaining were a hit at the Dunsmuir Holiday Petting Zoo the Sunday before Christmas, each with reindeer names just in time for Christmas Eve. As cute and popular as they were, none found homes that day, however.

Sadly, as easy as it is for rabbits to breed, it is not as easy to find homes. New Year is the perfect time to pause and consider the plight of the animals for which we have charge. Of course it is not responsible to breed without homes in mind; but if you do or if an accident does happen, it is equally important to take responsibility and work to set it straight.

If you are able, adoption is a good idea. There are lots of rabbits to pick from – even babies, like these little white rabbits. Do keep in mind that little rabbits often grow. These white babies look to be American Rabbits, which is actually a rare heritage breed of rabbit. At about 4 months old, they are already 6 ½ pounds.

The reindeer buns have neuter appointments scheduled for January, but could be placed before then if you would to take one or two home. Just call 510-727-1589. They are available through Bananas for Bunnies Rabbit Rescue.

If you would like to search for your dream rabbit, go to and key in your specifications. If you are interested in more information or aren’t sure if a rabbit is right for you, check out Bananas for Bunnies online. There are also adoption events such as the Holiday Petting Zoo where you can visit rabbits and meet adoptables in person.

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