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Christmas and the divorced or blended family part 2


Christmas can be a hectic time for parents and children. Between school programs and Christmas parties to shopping and wrapping, the family tends to get inundated with activities. The child of the blended or divorced family may not have consistency or an uninterrupted time with each parent, but the one thing they have is plenty of presents. Not only do they receive gifts from each parent and their respective relatives, but also if the parents are remarried, they receive gifts from the stepparents and their whole extended family. Blended families can result in up to 16 grandparents alone!

As we visit four houses in two days, each with its own cycle of eating, opening presents, cleaning up wrapping paper, and transferring the gifts to the car all before exchanging kids with the ex, we should remember what we’re celebrating and schedule a time of focus for our children. We are celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and we should honor it as such so that the holidays won’t just be a time of receiving so many gifts that they don’t even care anymore. Don’t tell me your child hasn’t found a gift around May that they didn’t even know they had!

To do this, we have established a tradition in our home of making Jesus a birthday cake. We invented our own recipe and we bake and decorate it together every year. Even if it’s just candles it’s still fun. Each Christmas morning when everyone wakes up and it’s still quiet and the coffee is just brewing, we take out the birthday cake and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Jesus. After our song, we take the cake outside so the wind can blow out the candles. Then the first slice goes to the guest of honor and we leave it out for Him. The best part is that we get to have cake for breakfast! It’s a special day so special rules apply – besides, is it really any different than pancakes smothered in syrup or those really healthy fruit loops we buy our kids?

Whatever time you establish with your family to celebrate the real reason for the season, it will be something they will never forget, and something they can pass on to their own children.

Merry Christmas!

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