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Christmas activities: Quick wraps for Christmas gifts

Christmas gifts
Christmas gifts
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Wow your friends this Christmas with your gift wrapping genius. These quick wraps for Christmas gifts are cheap and easy. No more taping your fingers to the package. Say goodbye to paper cuts. Stow and go is the word for these cheap, easy quick wraps for Christmas. No more fumbling and mumbling to package gifts for Christmas.

Organza Bags
Find these sold in large quantities in the wedding aisle of the craft store. Made for tiny party favors, these quick wraps for Christmas gifts are cheap, elegant and easy. Pop the gift into a box or wrap in cloth. Slide the gift into the bag. Fill the space with candy or confetti. Pull the strings. Make a bow. Slap on a self stick gift tag and you're done.

Homemade Fabric Gift Bags
Here's another perfect cheap and easy way to wrap gifts. Take a piece of fabric twice the size of your gift. Lay it out on a flat surface. Center the gift on the fabric. Pull up the edges of the fabric. Tie a pretty ribbon around the fabric. Try organza circles from the wedding department or fancy handkerchiefs for this cheap and easy idea.

Roll it Up
Gift wrap can be easy too. Just leave off the tape. Use string to hold the wrap on the gift. Use two pieces of string running in different directions. Tie them together in a bow. You can also roll the gift up and tie the ends like a piece of candy. This quick cheap Christmas wrap works with paper or fabric. Tie ends with colored yarn or pretty ribbon.

Custom Made Gift Boxes
Check out the craft store for cheap paper mache boxes as quick wraps for Christmas gifts. These boxes look like cardboard but can be decorated to suit your needs. They come in all shapes and sizes. Plaster them with stickers, bows and whatever else you can think of or just spray paint them. Pop the gift in and pop the cover on. Slap on that gift tag and head for the party.

Wine Bottle Bags
Sure, you can use these quick wraps for wine bottles but there are other uses too. Tall candles fit great in these easy Christmas gift wraps. How about a curling iron or hair straightener? Anything that's oblong and not too large can be wrapped in a wine bottle bag. Can't find a wine bottle bag? Use a plain lunch bag sized gift bag. Scrunch the top of the bag to fit the bottle. Tie a ribbon bow around it.

Christmas Stockings
Cheap red and white felt Christmas stockings are perfect Christmas gift wraps. Buy them on clearance after Christmas for pennies on the dollar. Fill them up with whatever gift or gifts will fit. Adults love getting presents for Christmas in a stocking. Kids will love having an extra Christmas stocking to open on Christmas too. For variety, use old fashioned sock monkey socks.

Clay Pots
Clay pots are cheap at the craft store. Decorate them with paint and fill them with gardening gifts. Pop them into a pretty red shrink wrap bag to disguise the gift. These quick gift wraps will please any gardener. They can use the gift and the wrapping. Your friends will think you're so clever with all these easy gift wrap ideas!