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Christina Milian talks partnership with Viva Diva Wines & new music with YMCMB

Christina Milian presents Viva Diva Wines
Christina Milian presents Viva Diva Wines
Viva Brands USA & Viva Moscato 2013 had the opportunity to catch up with the busy star as she shared her passion for Viva Diva and getting back to what she truly loves, music. Read the full interview with Christina below:

Examiner: How are you and how did you ring in 2014?

Christina Milian: “I rang in the 2014 with my guy in Las Vegas. It was such a great time and I am so ready for everything 2014 has in store for me."

Examiner: You were very busy in 2013, what can your fans look forward to from you this year?

Christina Milian: “I have been working on my album and we are going to be releasing a single soon. I am a partner in the brand, Viva Diva Wines which has seen tremendous growth and I have an E-Hookah line called Platinum E Hookah. I am working on some other exciting projects too that will be developing in 2014."

Examiner: How did you decide that you wanted to get into the wine business?

Christina Milian: “I have always wanted to get into the wine business. I wanted to wait for a brand that was a perfect fit and when I discovered Viva Diva Wines at the GBK gifting suites last year, I knew they were a perfect fit for who I am and what I am all about. Viva Diva to me is about time with your girlfriends and bonding over a nice glass of wine. What better than a naturally infused bubbly to go along a day or night with your girlfriends?"

Examiner: How involved were you in the development process?

Christina Milian: “I have been involved with mostly each step. The label creation, the flavors, the branding behind the brand, distribution, retailers, point of sale. I want to know everything that is going on at all times so I know how to always make the brand even better. I am constantly coming up with ideas to involve my fans in the brand because I believe there is power in numbers and I truly have the greatest fan base. We just opened up in NJ with Fedway and Florida with RNDC most recently and are sold in over 25 states with more opening up soon. In Florida we are sold at over 30 Sedano stores and over 20 Walmart stores. We are putting together teams of people in every state to assist us in the brand sales."

Examiner: With so many other celebrities getting behind wines and other alcohol products, what makes Viva Diva Wines unique?

Christina Milian: “I know how involved I am in the brand and I know that my level of involvement makes a difference. When I meet with distributors and retailers, they always tell me how excited they are to have me as involved in the brand as I am. Anyone can put their name on anything, you have to stand behind what you are a part of if you want it to flourish and that's what I want for anything I attach myself to."

Examiner: What kind of woman drinks Viva Diva Wine?

Christina Milian: “The strong, independent woman. The woman who enjoys a glass of wine after a long day or a bottle to share with friends."

Examiner: How is your daughter doing?

Christina Milian: “Violet is incredible. She really is! She is my best friend and I am so fortunate to have the relationship that I have with her. She is always so happy and truly makes me so happy every day. She is so smart and has such a little personality already."

Examiner: When can your fans expect new music from you?

Christina Milian: “This year! I am signed to YMCMB and we are in the process now of selecting the best song to release first. I am excited for everyone to hear my music."

Examiner: Will you be returning to television anytime soon?

Christina Milian: “Absolutely! "