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Christina Hoff Sommers: Closing the gender gap

We will be looking at Christina Hoff Sommers today for women’s issues.

Christina Hoff Sommers
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Christina Hoff Sommers was born in California in 1950. She is an author, equity feminist, university professor, and scholar at The American Enterprise Institute.

As an equity feminist she sees women as equal and frowns upon the irrational views of contemporary feminists who are rather hostile towards men and refusing to even entertain that men and women could be equal but different. For Christina Hoff Sommers, equity feminism, is about laws and social justice. She maintains the reasoning that morally and ethically speaking, the sexes should be treated equal. She looks towards the first wave of feminism and their fight for equal rights. However, she feels the second wave of feminists have changed the agenda.

She dissociates herself from gender equality which she feels has morphed into a way to separate women and men while alloting some privileges “for women in academia, government, industry, or the advancement of personal agendas”

This type of agenda is no longer about being equal. For example, Christina Hoff Sommers talks about the growing gap between the scores of boys and girls in school. The focus has been so much on girls doing poorly in the past that it is not acknowledged that the girls are doing much better now while the boys are losing ground. Her point of course is that both boys and girls are important and their studies are the foundation for the future. There should not be a division between the level of education for either sex.

Christina Hoff Sommers refutes the March of Dimes study which reported that domestic abuse is the leading cause of birth defects stating these statistics are wrong.

Similarly she refutes feminist statistics concerning anorexia and bulimia stating that although there are some cases, the numbers put forth by feminists have been distorted and used for more public funding. She get her sources from the “American Anorexia and Bulimia Association's figure that 150,000 females have some degree of anorexia,” Feminists have used this figure to say that 150,000 females have died from these diseases.

Christina Hoff Sommers blames women studies programs at many universities for skewing numbers to look like women are still suffering and men are the cause. She sees this as a grave injustice to men and young female minds.

Christina Hoff Sommers does not believe there is really a discrimination against women in the hard sciences. She says there are many high achievement women in this area. The fact that the numbers of women are lower is not due to gender discrimination but to female preferences. Women do go into the field of biology for example; but, they are not as interested in physics and chemistry. Women gravitate towards fields like psychology and people oriented fields.

It is for these reasons that Christina Hoff Sommers is often called an anti-feminist by her critics.

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