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Christina Hendricks could never sound 'delusional' talking about her sexy looks

When “Mad Men” star Christina Hendricks sat down for a chat with Conan O’Brien, you knew he was going to ask the questions that most people wonder about when it comes to the curvy star. Christina’s a great actress, but she has a one-of-a-kind body in Hollywood today making her extremely unique and that is a subject that most talk show hosts are bound to hit on.

Christina Hendricks is the sexy bombshell on "Mad Men" who used her looks to get what she wanted but is now using her brains as Joan to carve an impressive career!
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

According to The Gloss’s Hayley Hoover on April 8, she found it a bit of an uncomfortable exchange with the monologue tilting towards Christina’s hour-glass shape. Conan wanted to know if men act particularly “silly and dopey” around her because of her good looks.

Conan was appropriate with his words, he didn’t refer to any one body part by name. Christina answered him with a real-life example of a guy paying too much attention to her on the street only to wipe out on his bike when he hit a curb.

Hoover points out that the rest of the interview was good, but Conan fishing and Christina’s willing answer seemed to bother the writer. She gives “several different levels” on why this felt weird to her. Hoover writes:

"1) It kind of makes it seem like the most important part of this talented actress is that she’s insanely attractive, 2) it kind of makes it seem like women should be flattered when random men objectify them on the street, 3) I don’t really know how she could have responded without sounding like she was either bragging or delusional about her looks, and 4) it’s just freaking strange."

Hoover claims that Christina was doing what she called “humblebragged” about her body’s effect on men. Christina told the story of walking down the street and this guy on a bike hits the curb while staring at her. This was how the incident unfolded. She didn’t throw in any descriptive words like calling herself hot or seductive.

E Online had a different take on Christina telling the story of the bike incident. They found her modest when it came time for her to talk about herself. Christina’s acting is some of the best seen on TV today in her role as Joan from “Mad Men.” She plays a type and while she was in the role as Joan, she got her foot in the door of the advertising agency with that curvy shape, but her brains are now behind her character’s actions today.

Joan was the epitome of the 1960s shapely secretary, she had the figure much like the sex symbols of that day, like Marilyn Monroe or Jayne Mansfield. Her role on “Mad Men” saw Joan use that sexiness to position herself as the office manager of the advertising agency.

She broke away from that after her last assignment as the token sexy woman in the office. Her last deed with a client got her a partnership with the agency. From that day on, it was her brains that kicked in and that sex kitten was gone.

Christina must realize that her looks went along with the part she plays in “Mad Men.” She had what they needed for that role, so she is most likely very aware that men find her sexy. You wouldn’t see a plain Jane actress playing the character of Joan.

It was her sexy looks that made her famous at first. She burst on the scene like a bombshell, but it is her great acting that is keeping her famous today. For Conan to ask her if she has the same type of effect on men in real-life that she does on “Mad Men,” this seems like a natural line of questioning.

Christina’s answer was far from bragging, she even said to Conan that there was that “one incident.” Conan said to her “I think that was the one you saw.” He went on to say “I think you’re not paying attention” to the way that men seem to act when in her company.

Christina’s answer was rather humble. She said, “You’re being very nice.” That is about as humble as one can get!

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