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Christina Fallin, Gov. Mary Fallin's daughter, criticized for headdress photo

Christina Fallin in Native American headdress draws extreme criticism
Christina Fallin in Native American headdress draws extreme criticism

Christina Fallin, the daughter of Gov. Mary Fallin, has caused a stir after she posted a picture of herself online wearing a Native American headdress. After the extreme criticism of the photo being insensitive to Native Americans, the photo has been taken off of social media, according to a News6 report on Friday.

Christina Fallin, a 26-year-old musical band member, is not Native American, but there was a photo of her wearing a red-and-white feathered headdress on Facebook on Thursday. The Facebook page is for her music band. The picture was accompanied by the words “appropriate culturation.”

On Friday, Christina Fallin spoke out by saying that she has a connection to the Native American culture.” She also posted on her Facebook page that the band feels that it would not be honest if we did not admit publicly that a woman in a headdress can be a very beautiful thing. She went on to write that one can keep her distance from something her whole life out of fear that she might taint it, or that it might taint her. She says she lives her life in the latter category.

Native Americans consider the headdress to be sacred.