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Christina Aguilera plans 40-pound post-baby weight loss with low carb diet, yoga

Christina Aguilera plans 40 pound weight loss: Her low carb diet and workout secrets
Christina Aguilera Instagram

Christina Aguilera has launched an ambitious weight loss plan to shed 40 pounds within the next four months.

Aguilera, who gave birth to her second child on Aug. 16, is determined to regain her skiny pre-pregnancy body because she's considering posing nude for Playboy. “She thinks there’s no time to lose,” a source told OK! “Stripping down is totally her style.”

Christina recently posed nude and bared her pregnancy bump in a sizzling photo spread for V magazine. Aguilera's weight loss regimen reportedly involves an 1,800-calorie-a-day diet and 90-minute daily workouts.

However, Christina, who gave birth via Caesarean section, will have to wait a few more weeks before exercising. Women who have C-sections are advised to wait six weeks before working out to ensure they heal properly.

2013 Weight Loss Due to Yoga Workouts and Low Carb Diet

In 2013, Aguilera made headlines after showing off her eye-popping 35-pound weight loss. The blonde beauty got so skinny she fueled rumors she had gotten weight loss surgery, liposuction, or had the eating disorder anorexia.

Christina vehemently denied those reports, and told Extra she lost weight by following a low-carb diet and doing yoga workouts. Aguilera's diet combined high-quality fats such as avocado with lean proteins such as chicken breast or fish and included healthy snacks such as almond butter with celery.

In May 2008, Aguilera lost 40 pounds just four months after giving birth to son Max by combining cardio workouts and weight-lifting for 90 minutes a day, five days a week. She followed a 1,700-calorie-a-day diet that featured protein, vegetables, and whole grains.

Christina said she indulged during her first pregnancy, eating all her favorite comfort foods such as baked potato with steak and fried chicken with macaroni and cheese. She was careful not to gain too much weight during her second pregnancy. Aguilera, who is not a workout fanatic, said regular exercise made her more confident.

"As you feel your body getting stronger, you become more motivated to be in the gym!" she said. "It doesn’t matter how big or small you are. When you’re defined, I think it’s sexy. I exercise because it makes me feel good."

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