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Christin Cooper, Bode Miller interview with Bode crying over brother (video)

The video interview embedded above shows the Christin Cooper interview with Bode Miller that everyone is talking about today, Monday, February 17, 2014. There was a great backlash on the Internet, with people claiming Cooper pressed Bode too much to talk about the death of his brother, questions that drove him to tears.

“Bode you’re showing so much emotion; what’s going on?” Cooper asked, as Bode spoke of his brother and eventually broke down into tears and stopped speaking.

Miller, however, has defended Cooper on Twitter in a pair of posts on Monday from Sochi, that let the world wide web know that the reporter was only doing her job and that he didn’t feel she pressed too much, as Bode explained in an interview on NBC’s “Today” with Matt Lauer.

“I’ve known Christin a long time and she is a sweetheart of a person,” Miller said. “I know she didn’t mean to push. I don’t think she really anticipated what my reaction was going to be and I think by the time she sort of realized it, I think it was too late and I don’t really, I don’t blame her at all.

“I feel terrible that she is taking the heat for that because it really is just a heat of the moment kind of circumstance, and I don’t think there was any harm intended. So, it was just a lot of emotion for me, it’s been a lot over the last year and that you sometimes don’t realize how much you contain that stuff until the dam breaks and then it’s just a real outpouring.”

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