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Christie tried to zap Olympian Carl Lewis out of State Senate race

Carl Lewis was an Olympic gold medalist and was contemplating a race for State Senate before being ruled out by residency rules.
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Olympic Gold Medalist Carl Lewis claims that Governor Chris Christie (R,NJ) tried to intimidate him not to run for the State Senate of New Jersey by threatening to withdraw his appointment as the state's first physical fitness ambassador, according to ABC News, Jan. 21, 2014. The Governor allegedly made the threatening remarks to Christie after he first introduced his effort to run against a good friend of his in the State Senate race.

Lewis reportedly did not feel that Christie was bullying him, but did feel that the Governor was behaving the way he was because he was very insecure. Lewis stated:

“I think that everyone says the governor is a bully. I don’t see him as a bully per se, I see him as someone who is very insecure, who’s now governor."

Lewis then stated that he felt that the Governor was trying to "intimidate" him. Lewis also stated that since he had run against the Russians, that he "could handle the Governor."

Lewis ended up having to withdraw from the State Senate race in 2011 because of his failure to meet residency requirements, not because of Christie's threats. Lewis still is sore about not being allowed to run, but remains philosophical about Christie, simply seeing him as a very insecure politician trying to maintain his shaky foothold.

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