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Christie sworn in for second term, but is he ‘Stronger than the Storm’

It was mother nature that defined the first term for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in his handling of Super storm Sandy and one can’t help but notice the irony that it was mother nature that put a damper on Christie’s inauguration with a nasty snow storm as he was sworn in to his second term as the Garden States Chief Executive on January 21, 2014.

Christie gets sworn in for second term
Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

After winning re-election in a landslide victory, this inauguration was supposed to be Christie's coming out party, his political coronation into the national spotlight, a springboard into the pool of presidential ambitions, the GOP’s poster boy. However it ended up as a dive that went bad and turned into a belly flop in a pool filled with blood thirsty sharks.

The feeding frenzy on Christie began amid allegations of political revenge, intimidation and the alleged misuse of Sandy relief funds to pay for the “Stronger than the Storm” commercials that included Christie and his family. Some of those allegations are not without merit,as Christie himself fired several key staff members but claimed he had no knowledge of the events that took place on his watch.

Investigative committees, special prosecutors and lawyers, are all being formed and hired to investigate the charges and get to the bottom of the allegations. In political and pundit etiquette “Bridge-gate” should be renamed “Christie-gate” since the allegations are popping up faster than a game of “whack a mole”.

This is a late Christmas present for the democrats and for republicans that consider Christie a threat to their own political ambitions. The ink was not even dry on the subpoenas, before the word “impeachment” was being tossed around. If it turns out that Christie is holding a smoking gun, then the investigative process will quickly bring it to the forefront. If not, than the investigations will drag on endlessly just to keep a negative story on the front burner. Everyday this administration is under a cloud of suspicion is a point for the democrats. The democrats need to be careful not to go overboard though, if it turns out that Christie is vindicated, the cliché, “ What does not kill you , makes you stronger” will take on a new meaning. This could end up back-firing on the democrats.

If Christie walks away from this unscathed, ‘Stronger than the Storm” will not be a state tourism slogan, it will be Christie’s battle cry into the Presidential race.

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