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Christie staff implicated in plane’s disappearance

Governor Christie is not discussion Flight 370
Governor Christie is not discussion Flight 370
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Examiner has learned that former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie staff members travelled to Malaysia two weeks ago, just before the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 on March 8 on a routine flight to Beijing.

Former campaign manager Bill Stepien and former assistant chief of staff Bridget Kelley took a brief “vacation” to Kuala Lumpur, “to get some breathing space” from the burgeoning scandal following revelations of deliberate closing of lanes on the George Washington Bridge and mishandling of federal relief funds intended for victims of hurricane Sandy.

Stepien was seen in the pilot’s lounge and Kelley was observed checking in passengers for the mysteriously vanished flight. Unfortunately, neither of these New Jersey sleazoids actually boarded the missing plane.

When asked about the plane, Stepien brushed off the severity of the issue, noting that “they had probably switched the plates and repainted the plane by now.” This trip came to light after an E-mail from Kelley to the control tower was intercepted,saying:

"Time for some traffic problems in the Straits of Malacca."

Meanwhile Port Authority Chairman David Samson was observed holding several days of long meetings with airline flight specialists and NTSB officials at Kennedy Airport, which the Port Authority also manages. When asked about the missing plane, Samson smiled and noted that “at least the press isn’t talking about Chris Christie any more.”

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