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Christie's New York announces Latin American spring sale

"Mujer con sandia" (1939) by Rufino Tamayo
"Mujer con sandia" (1939) by Rufino Tamayo
Christie's New York

Christie’s New York is has announced its spring sale of Latin American Art that will feature more than 250 remarkable paintings. The three works that will be headlining the sale are Rufino Tamayo’s Mujer con sandia, Joaquin Torres-Garcia’s Composition TSF, and Fernando Botero’s Man Going to Work (Hombre yendo a la oficina).

Torres-Garcia’s Composition TSF is one that illustrates a cosmic universe through the arrangements of symbolic objects and beings such as a fish, a vase, a bottle, a house, a sailboat, and a bird. The piece is estimated to sell between $1--$ 1.5 million.

Botero’s Man Going to Work (Hombre yendo a la oficina) is a classic example of one of the artist’s favorite subjects: a traditional family. The painting depicts a home occupied by a wealthy family with a housewife looking out one window and a child looking out from another, as the father is leaving for work. The husband appears as miniscule compared to the rather large size of the wife and daughter who appear to dominate the image. The painting is estimated to sell between $400,000--$600,000.

Tamayo’s Mujer con sandia is a portrait of a dark-skinned female created in 1939, a successful year for the artist. The woman is wearing a long scarf known as a rebozo, covering her head and shoulders and is carrying a watermelon. Tamayo experiments with geometric forms by emphasizing the spikes of an agave plant seen behind the woman. He also emphasizes the creases in the rebozo, the points on the ends of the watermelon, and the woman’s facial features. This painting is a fine example of Tamayo’s strategic compositions of Mexican content, primitivism, and modernist form; it’s estimated to sell between $400,000--$600,000.

Other highlights of the sale include Tamayo’s The Frog, (est. $400,000--$600,000), Alfredo Volpi’s Fachada, (est. 350,000--$450,000), and Beatriz Milhazes O inverno (est. $400,000--$600,000) among others. The auction will be held May 28th at Christie's New York, 20 Rockefeller Plaza. (212) 636-2000.