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Christie looking good: No smoking gun buried in the documents

Christie looking good, no smoking gun in documents.
Christie looking good, no smoking gun in documents.
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Christie appears to be a man of his word, when he said he had no prior knowledge of the George Washington Bridge lanes closure, the documents released yesterday backed up his claim. “No smoking gun” was found in the documents that covered the closing of the bridge lanes that has Christie in the spotlight of the nation, according to “Fox and Friends Weekend” on Saturday morning Jan. 11.

The documents, which also contained past emails, indicated that the Port Authority officials were warned by Governor Chris Christie’s administration that the George Washington Bridge lane closures could be a “potential disaster’ for commuters, reports the website for Fox News. Christie was accused of closing the lanes on the bridge to cause a nightmare in retaliation for the Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich not endorsing his re-election.

It seems the allegations held some water, but with Christie’s trusted staff and not Christie. This scandal came down to the Governor’s long-time deputy chief of staff Bridget Anne Kelly, who he fired without hesitation when learning the truth.

While Kelly has not come forward to defend herself, the documents contained an email that Kelly sent to David Wildstein, a man Christie appointed to the Port Authority and it does provide evidence. The email suggested this was done to just cause traffic problems.

This would reinforce the claims made that the lanes were closed to cause a nightmare as a spiteful act, rather than an act done out of necessity. This was one way for Christie's head staff person to allegedly demonstrate to Fort Lee’s mayor that he made a wrong move not backing Christie’s reelection.

Kelly’s email simply said:

“Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.”

The answer back from Wildstein was a straight forward two-word reply:

“Got It.”

Wildstein resigned, but he requested the release of the documents under subpoena. The documents didn’t fare well for Wildstein as it was shown he was not only in the forefront of the bridge lane closures, but he actually went to the site and supervised the operation himself.

The lane closures had status reports within the documents showing the four-day event was fielding inquiries from an angry Fort Lee Police Department. The police were not made aware of these lane closings until they materialized in a dangerous traffic gridlock. The hardship on the public was vast due this gridlock of traffic, from kids stuck on a school bus for over four hours, to emergency vehicles having difficulty getting to a woman in cardiac arrest.

The lanes on the George Washington Bridge were closed down for a “traffic study,” which was the official word coming off the documents. Whatever the governor’s staff had in mind, it wasn’t something that Christie was aware of and because of his knowledge of law, it is something he would have never initiated or agreed to, political experts on Fox suggested this week.

According to Fox News, with Christie’s legal background, he would know the legalities of prospective problems that could come out of such an irresponsible act of causing a traffic jam of humongous proportions as a retaliatory act. If he had been at the helm of this mess and was found responsible for the act, his life as he knew it would have gone down the drain. He was just too well informed on the prospective outcomes of such grand scheme to have ever agreed to this.

If the governor had initiated this traffic chaos and a death came out of it because emergency responders couldn’t get to them, this would fall back on the governor if this was his doing. He would lose all that he worked for and one thing Christie has done is work. He’s worked his way to the top New Jersey seat. It would have been ludicrous for Christie to ever agree to something like this.

Instead of the nation getting ready to oust a governor today, they are seeing something very rare, a popular politician telling the truth. Not only is he telling the truth, but there are documents to back up what he has said. He was decisive on what needed to be done once the bridge debacle was uncovered. He didn’t wait for weeks or even days to act on this.

As soon as he found out who was responsible for the George Washington Bridge lane closures, he plucked them from his team. He took responsibility for his team's actions and apologized after sharing the humiliation and shame he felt that this act was done at the hands of someone on his staff.

He did this in front of the entire nation at a televised a press conference. This has started a flood of Obama vs. Christie comparisons with Christie's actions looking like the prime example to follow in politics. This is transparency and honesty in its rarest form in politics.

Christie’s trusted deputy chief of staff, Bridget Anne Kelly has many wondering what ever possessed this woman to do this. According to some people who know of Kelly professionally, the power she had in that job might have gone to her head. Did she really become “drunk with power” in this position? This is someone that Christie trusted and she lied to him, which is something he revealed in his long press conference earlier this week.

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