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Christie knew about the bridge closing says whistleblower

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Governor Chris Christie (R,NJ) knew about the George Washington Bridge lane closings as they were occurring according to the Christie administration official who facilitated the lane closures. David Wildstein, who attended high school with Christie, served on the Port Authority that oversees the George Washington Bridge and other components of the New Jersey infrastructure that also serves New York City, according to ABC News, Jan. 31, 2014.

In a letter secured by ABC News, Wildstein stated that evidence "suggested" that Christie had knowledge of the lane closures as they were taking place, despite his denials to the contrary. Although Wildstein did not specify exactly what evidence he had, he did clarify that some of Christie's statements were "accurate" while others were "inaccurate," as he saw it.

Christie stated in a press conference, "there's no way that anybody would think that I know about everything that's going on." The question remains, not so much did Chirstie know about "everything" that was happening, but did he know about "anything" that was happening? The answer to this question, or at the very least its perceived answer, may be key to the inevitable outcome of this ongoing matter that continues to be a damper to Christie's political career, especially to his 2016 Presidential campaign aspirations.