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Christie: 'It's time to win again.'

Governor Chris Christie says it is "time to win again."
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Governor Chris Christie (R,NJ) told Greg Brown, the CEO of Motorola Solutions, that the George Washington Bridge scandal, or Bridgegate matter, will not affect his ability to be fulfill his second term agenda as Governor of New Jersey, according to ABC News, Feb. 11, 2014. Christie said that despite the publicity from the scandal, that the people of New Jersey expect him to carry out his obligations as Governor and to "find solutions" to the state's problems.

Christie promised to release the details of his findings from his internal investigation of the Bridgegate matter and to do so no matter what is discovered. Christie promised to take more action and halt his political agenda if necessary. However, he expressed his certainty that no such action will be necessary because, as he sees it, "the public in New Jersey will not tolerate it."

When asked if he could carry out his functions as vice chair of the Rutgers Board of Governors, Christie stated that he perceived the job of the Board as that of winning elections, not serving as "debating societies." He went on:

“Political parties are there to win elections because when you win you get to govern and when you get to govern you get to make change and that’s what we should be focused as the Republican Party. It is time to win again.”

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