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Christie confident of his chances in Iowa in 2016

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Chris Christie is confident that he could pull out a victory in the Republican primary in Iowa despite the Bridgegate Scandal involving the George Washington Bridge, according to ABC News on March 28. Christie based his confidence on two factors: one that he is very popular in Iowa and two that he has been cleared of any wrongdoing by an investigative probe that his own administration initiated.

Not only does Christie feel confident about his chances in Iowa, but he feels that Iowans love him. Besides, he feels that the reason Iowans love him is because of who he is, not "in spite" of who he is. He feels that Iowans love his ostentatious style and appreciate him for who and what he is, as opposed to expecting him to be calm and gentile. In an interview with ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer on March 28, Christie stated:

“I think they love me in Iowa too. I’ve been there a lot. I think love me there too, especially because of the way I am.
Not in spite of, especially because."

Despite his rather brazen style, Christie nevertheless thinks of himself as a good, caring, compassionate person. Christie stated:

“I am who I am. At core, I am a passionate, loving, caring, direct, truth teller. And for some people, they love it.”

Whether or not Christie's compassion translates to Republican primary votes in Iowa remains to be seen. It is even more questionable whether Christie's sensitivity towards others will translate to compassion for the homeless, promotion of social programs for the less fortunate, and relief for the middle class - things that usually are associated with people who claim to be socially aware and sensitive.