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Christie Brinkley’s People cover sparks war with ex-husband, Peter Cook

Christie Brinkley recently appeared on the cover of People with the headline, “Christie at 60!” and it reignited the war with her ex-husband Peter Cook. The seven year battle culminated in a nasty letter being sent from Cook to Brinkley accusing her of “self-serving dishonesty.”

Christie Brinkley's comments and People cover restarted the fight with ex-husband Peter Cook
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The People interview as well as interviews Brinkley has given to other media outlets claim that she “won a large settlement, especially after revelation of Cook’s heavy hand on the three children.”

Brinkley went on to say in the interview that her “50s weren’t easy” because “went through a miserable divorce while trying to be a pillar for my kids.”

RadarOnline published the letter that Peter Cook sent to Christie Brinkley. The letter said:

Christie, Over the last 8 years I have taken a lot of hits by way of your gross exaggerations, revisionist history, and self-serving dishonesty, but nothing could be more egregious than this incontrovertible lie. I let you get away with a lot for the sake of our children. When you initially filed for divorce and you attempted to prejudice opinion of me by falsely accusing me of EVER being inappropriate with Sailor was the death knell for me as far as you were concerned. That was the day I took my wedding ring off.

You know I could not love or care for my children more, and that I have NEVER raised my hand to ANYONE, or surely you would not have encouraged my adoption of Jack 3-years after we married. That you could so blatantly lie about such a sacred trust to position yourself as a victim once again is disgraceful. I didn’t think you could get any lower in your endeavors to stay relevant in the media than through your relentless trashing of the father of your children, and I don’t care about you or what motivates you to now perpetuate this horrific lie, and then to have your PR team work so diligently to see it is perpetuated throughout all possible media outlets…but I insist that you immediately demand that they work as thoroughly and diligently to issue YOUR PERSONAL public correction/retraction and demand this libelous content be wiped from the media, immediately.

Nothing could be more upsetting than being falsely accused of being abusive to one’s children, particularly given the irony that the greatest abuse these children have endured is your insistence on publicizing our trial, our divorce these many years later, and making them suffer your need for attention at any and all cost.

'Brinkley won a large settlement, especially after revelation of Cook’s heavy hand on the three children.'

That’s just one of MANY sources carrying your line.

'In PEOPLE Magazine you state you’re “50’s weren’t easy' because you '…went through a miserable divorce (from architect Peter Cook) while trying TO BE A PILLAR FOR MY KIDS…'

There is nothing about YOU FIGHTING and CAMPAIGNING to see our divorce proceedings were publicized, making our private lives media fodder for our children to have to endure for GOOGLE eternity, making false and dishonest statements about the father of your children and making every effort to alienate the children from their father that qualifies you as being a “pillar” for our children!

Is your only vehicle for building yourself up, bringing others down!?

The ugly divorce between Peter Cook and Christie Brinkley came after Cook had an affair with his 18 year-old former assistant, Diana Bianchi. At the time, Cook commented on the news of his affair by saying, “This is an aberration. I’m sorry. I’m contrite. I’m stupid. Foolish. No excuse.”

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